Most of the fitness & health packages we do will involve nutrition coaching. The fundamental key to unlock your nutrition door is to drink more water.

Eat more protein, a wee bit less carbs (you still need some) and remember that weight-loss is a long term game (think cricket test match series rather than football match) – allow 3-6 months for your calorie intake to re-balance so that you expend just a few more hundred calories per day than what you eat EG burn up 2200 calories per day but only eat 1700-1800 and you will soon lose weight.

Add muscle to your body by lifting weights or doing weight bearing exercise, including proper hard core cycling or mountain biking, and the stronger muscles will burn fat for you whilst at rest (but….. you have to maintain that muscle mass or muscles magical fat-burning ability will switch off ☹ )

Here are some extracts from my nutrition coaching materials: